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How to keep track of your children while they are online?

The internet is not safe. While your child may have access to study materials that they would not have otherwise, they would also be exposed to porn. And porn websites are all through the web.

You cannot put in too many restictions, your child would rebel and the fact that there is no privacy would often not go down well with him. Plus, it’s no secret that everybody needs the internet, just like you do.

How to Keep an Eye on Your Child?

As a parent, you need to be on your guard against so many things and dangers that are online as well as monitoring where the child is going and whom the child is chatting or texting. And a good way to know just what your child is up to is with a good mobile spy app

There are various tracking apps which have been developed that can come to your rescue. All you need to do is download them on your child’s smart phone and yours. The mobile spy apps can help keep track of your kids, even sending GPS signals to pinpoint the whereabouts of the child.

Other Benefits of Mobile Spy Apps

The app also has an emergency button that can be pressed when in danger. The downside to this is that a smart kid may delete the app and once your child is back in a place where they are supposed to, they can reinstall it, in such cases, the parent will be clueless.

Teensafe and similar apps allow parents to view not only the social network activity but also the text messages of their child. It also allows logs of calls and browser history to be checked. All this without the knowledge of the child, and so, the child does not feel their privacy is being violated.

Ensuring what your child watches online

There are also apps which block certain activities for middle school kids like – online shopping, dating, liquor, gambling and chat sites. One can even block only adult, sexual, violence or weapon content for older kids.

The disadvantage in this is that the kids can use someone else’s phone for these purposes. Other apps allow parents to be instantly notified if the keywords they have set up are used by the children. You can check emails and messages easily with the app and know just what your child is up to.

It’s easy to keep track of your kids with mobile spy apps and have it easy keeping kids safe online.

How to Ensure that your teenager isn’t going down the wrong path?

Teens are at an important stage in their life. It’s during your teenage that you find out who you really are and how you look at the world. And that means that they end up making a lot of mistakes – because it’s only through errors that one learns.
Tips to Keeping Kids Safe Online
Most teens want to be trusted, to have complete privacy and have the freedom to be able to make their own decision. Parents, on the other hand, often feel that their child is not ready for it.
The fact that being online means being exposed to thousands of unknown dangers often scare away parents. However, the right mobile spy apps can help parents to know just what their child is up to, without having to worry. Here are some mobile spy apps that can help keep track of your kids easily.
a) mSpy : this is used to monitor who the child calls, what is texted, the apps used, the contacts they have as well as their GPS location.

b) The Phone Sheriff is used to limit the time spent on the device. Post the expiry of the time set, the phone is locked and shuts down.

c) Mobicip is used to block certain content. It could be content with regards dating, chat sites or gambling or even it could just restrict sexual, violence and adult content.

d) MamaBear is used to check the speed of the vehicle the child is going in and therefore, one can keep a tab on drivers who have learners permits and have just started driving or even kids who are prone to driving at breakneck speeds.

e) eBlaster monitors the activity on the PCs. It gives information of all the applications that the child uses, the keystrokes which have been typed and other information. The report is sent to the parents via email.

f) Webwatcher monitors all the sites which have been visited, what applications are used as well as the messages sent. This additionally offers screen captures so the parent is aware of all that the child does on the PC.
Mobile spy apps go a long way in ensuring the teen is kept in check. You can know just where your kid is through the use of GPS system and keep track of your kids.

Watching Your Kids, Even When You’re Not There

Do you really know where your children are when they’re not at home? How about what they are doing when they are online? Both places present potential dangers so as a responsible parent, a little snooping is in order. Luckily, technology is here to assist with various mobile spy apps that can keep an eye on your child, even when you can’t. 

  • MamaBear is a great, all around app for the worried parent. With Family Map, you can instantly see the location of your child and also receive notifications whenever your child leaves preset locations, such as home and school.

As they hit the road, you can receive notifications if the car they are driving in goes over a preset speed. MamaBear can also monitor your child’s social media account, including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, in a variety of ways.

You are notified when new photos are added or when photos are tagged. You can also build an alert word list that will notify you when these words are posted in order to get ahead of bullying and inappropriate content. Lastly, if they are running an android device, you can review all of their incoming and outgoing texts. While some services are free, some advanced features require a monthly subscription.

  • lMobicip is another popular all-in-one type spy app that can monitor phones, tablets and computers for multiple users. It not only monitors what apps are being used on devices, but gives a detailed internet browsing history report.

This app also gives parents the ability to set limits on activity including time spent online, what sites or categories each user can visit, as well as being able to block specific keywords. You also have the option to simply monitor activity, without setting limits.

  • mSpy is another very popular jack-of-all-trades type spy app. It is geared not only towards worried parents, but companies wanting to keep an eye on employees. It will log all activity on a phone including call logs, GPS location, calendar updates, text, instant and email messages, photos and videos, and web history.

It also gives you the ability to restrict what other apps can run on the phone. mSpy also offers a host of services for computers including saving automatic screenshots so there is no need to look over your child’s shoulder as they browse the internet.

It also has a robust keystroke tracker so you can see every keystroke your child has made so you can now see what they are searching for and what they are typing on social media. In addition, you can track how long a computer is used and what programs are being used.

There has been many write ups about this particular app and it appears to be one of the most popular. I actually have used it myself and found it to be very reliable and something that I will be using for quite some time.

I origianlly came accross this app while reading a review at it covered everything on this app and I would have to say after reading others I found it to be one of the best mspy reviews online.

So whether you are trying to keep track of your kids while they aren’t home or keeping your kids safe online, you have multiple choices in applications offering you some peace of mind.