14 Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical garden elements can draw attention to an area or disguise an unattractive view. For one it adds beauty and architecture to your garden. By adding height and layers your garden has that extra ‘oomph’ of beauty and function. Because you’re making use of space upwards, you’re also maximizing your garden space and gaining increased yields. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and spring is right around the corner. Whether you like to grow your own fresh herbs, plant beautiful flower gardens or simply want to add a pop of fresh greenery to your home, these DIY vertical gardens provide perfect space-saving growing opportunities. All you need is a blank wall or small outdoor area to create beautiful herb, flower and succulent gardens.

In cold-winter climates, houseplants grown in vertical gardens add much-needed humidity in months when the furnace runs and dries the air out. Increasingly, hotels and office buildings are incorporating living walls and vertical gardens both inside and outside. Although vertical gardens might need more frequent watering, they contribute to good air circulation. Some vertical gardening means you’re building temporary structures to grow upwards for the season like pole beans tunnels or teepees. Other times vertical gardening is building permanent structures like a metal trellis, pergola or cattle pannel archways.

Set your sights on a quirky vertical garden with this eye-inspired setup. The look features bright blue pots filled with snaky greens—both of which are placed in eye-shaped wall shelves. Rustic hanging baskets and well-placed pots kinda small-space vertical garden apt for your balcony or terrace. The variability of plants here combines a bundle of colors and flowers, which gives a stunning look. If you are a person who likes beauty? But do not have a large area to make a garden in your home?