15 DIY Projects with Wood Pallets

The wood pallet could be the only free or, at least, the most affordable materials that you can use to make decoration and furniture for your home. There are numerous ideas that you can find about using this industrial waste. New or old, wooden crates are great for DIY lovers! There are many options on what you can use with them, from storage ideas to coffee tables, side tables, flower planters, balcony wooden benches and so on. Ready to make your own pallets furniture or decoration? Okay, here we go. But before you see our selection of DIY project using wood pallets, it seems better to first know how to work with them.

Everyone wants to make their furniture and save money. However, it is not so easy to make your furniture at home with limited equipment. So here I have excellent DIY sofa project that you can build quickly with just pallet wood and simple tools. The wood pallets are actually a waste which is commonly used for the distribution process of goods. They are many in some area like ports or in the industrial area. You can collect them freely, but some processed wood has been sold for a relatively cheaper price.

The next step to make sure that your pallets are safe is to find out for what purpose they were used. If they were used to carry dangerous things like acid or chemical fertilizer, then it’s better to not use them. Sometimes the pallets need to be dismantled but sometimes they are not. A practical nightstand made with a pair of old wooden crates, a handful of screws; dress up the look with a lick of candy colored paint. Perfect for your girls’ bedroom!