16 Amazing decoration ideas for small bedroom

For those of you looking to get the hell out of your dorms next year, it’s the season to start searching for apartments! The hunt can be stressful, tiring, and really inconvenient to your Netflix, study, and sleep schedule. However, once you get past all of that, finding an apartment to live in is totally worth it even if the place is a total dump. If you read decorating magazines, too, then you know what I mean.

If you’re not into the dumpy vibe, then you’re in luck because decor is everything when it comes to making an apartment look good. These college apartment decorating ideas will give you the inspiration that you need to take your first place to the next level! It’s easy enough to come up with decorating ideas if you’re living in a three- or four-bedroom house. You have plenty of rooms to try out any idea you like. In a space that small, how do you decide which of the trendy decorating ideas you want to use and which you’ll save for that day when you buy your first castle?

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