17 Magnificient Diy Home Decor Ideas

Whether this is your very first apartment or you’ve been living in them all your life, you want the décor to be a reflection of you. The problem with living in apartments is they all look alike and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t change the paint. Why choose a farmhouse decor rustic picture frame? We get asked that question a lot. You’d think after so many seasons of Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna Gaines that everyone would know the answer to this question by now.

So we decided we should put together a list of the very best reasons why we see more and more people adding rustic picture frames to their modern farmhouse decor homes. There are a number of reasons why rustic or barnwood picture frames are so popular today and we’re excited to share them here with you today. What it all falls down to is that the tenants themselves will have to ensure their own personal safety and the security of their own unit. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap, alternative solutions to this dilemma.The first step towards protecting yourself and your own home starts with your doors and windows.

Keeping these two possible entry points locked will secure your unit. Some building regulations won’t allow you to install sophisticated apartment security systems. You can’t change the carpet. And you certainly can’t knock out that wall and put in a window to let in a little more sunshine. You need some decorating tips that won’t have your landlord tossing you out on your ear. So how am I qualified to write about farmhouse decor, or rustic picture frames for that matter?