21 DIY Coffee Bar Cabinet Ideas for the Perfect Cup

Since coffee is such a big part of our day we’ve developed quite a little collection of coffee accessories. Our tiny apartment here in Charleston came equipped with a tiny kitchen counter and our coffee essentials have consumed most of the space. Are you thinking about setting up your very own coffee serving station in the comfort of your own home? If so, then look no further as I have found some wonderful ideas online that I think you will really LOVE.

There are many options available when it comes to setting up a coffee serving station in your home. A coffee serving station could be set-up on a sideboard or buffet as one option or you could set it up on your kitchen counter if space allows. These beverage stations are for you. Hold all the fixings for your morning cup of joe in one convenient spot with inspiration from these unbelievably stylish (and highly functional) kitchen coffee stations. The top is beautifully stained reclaimed wood and spayed with a clear seal coat to make cleanup easy. The base features Richards unique distressed painting process which we like to call our signature classic chic style.

Take for instance my coffee station that I put up a few months back. Nothing too crazy, but absolutely served a great purpose. A home coffee serving station will come in VERY handy if you like to entertain and you want everything at your fingertips when you have guests over. Our Coffee Helps Wall Sign is a perfect gift for a coffee lover. I think we can all appreciate this sentiment. Add this fun piece of java themed art to your kitchen area or coffee nook to add farmhouse charm to your space.